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Kat [userpic]
New Person
by Kat (kittehkat)
at November 2nd, 2007 (03:00 pm)

Well, I guess I'll go, now. :)

Since there isn't a form or anything set up yet, I borrowed this from yaandmgwriters with a minor adjustment. I thought it might let us get to know one another better if anyone else wanted to use it, and it's sensitive to age and whatnot. Of course, you can always change whatever you want or omit what you don't wish to share, plus there's always the possibility of linking our NaNo profiles for other information. Or, you know, no one else could use this, too.

Name: Kat | kittehkat and kittehkat on NaNo
Decade Born: 80s
Working Story Title: How to Survive the Most Ridiculous Years of Your Entire Life. Or, at least, that's what I'm calling it in my mind. Hah.
Story genre(s): Young adult, fiction, comedy
Brief synopsis of your story: Practically a high school-aged memoir, this will be an effort to compile the Really Crazy Stuff that happened at my ultra-liberal performing arts college prep high school. I certainly won't be the actual narrator, nor will all events be the complete truth, but much of it will be lifted from that... erm... adventure that was high school. It will be a mix of 'How-To' instructional guides and narrative-based survival tips and tactics.
Time of Day You Write: Late night into the early morning.
Writing Rituals: A big cup of tea at my side at all times, a notebook for ideas and sketches while I'm writing, and my laptop -- all have to be a half-arm's reach within one another and the tea kettle is always full of water for the next cup.
NaNo Goals: Make it to 50K! Don't edit until later. Don't put it in the Trash/Recycle Bin.


Posted by: pxc (pxcampbell)
Posted at: November 9th, 2007 12:09 am (UTC)

Hi Kat!

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